11 January 2010

Strange dream

Here stands Maynard. Old cat, he and his sister have been in the family for over ten years. But he was the ever inquisitive cat, getting stuck in the darnest of places, like attics and crawlspaces.
Well, he went and disappeared a few months back, vanished like the morning mist early one morning. Heather searched high and low for him, even going into storm drains to find him with no luck. His sister even called out for him when they went searching the neighborhood for him.
I almost give up hope and then there are the dreams.
I don't know if it just my imagination, but since he has disapeared, I have dreamed of him. I don't dream a lot, and I almost never remember my dreams. But I dream of him.
I dreamed of him in the storm drains, carrying him out with him meowing at me like there is no tomorrow. Last night, I dreamed of him running around a house, and when I caught him, he growled at me and he had lost his mole that is promimently affixed to his chin.
I only bring this up to talk about the connection one feels with a pet. Maynard was my cat. We shared traits of curiosity to the point of dangerous, of sometimes annoying to family, of being destructive of furniture sometimes, etc.
and then I read this post from Xavier. And then my eyes got dust in them and I thought of my Maynard.
Gah, can't wait to go home...about 50 days left.

05 May 2009

Basketball and insurgency?

Here comes a story that makes you think.

I have never heard anyone compare basketball and insurgency before...but it works very well.

Very good story and one that needs to be read by everyone fighting against the odds or the system.


22 February 2009

The way we fight

I have been noticing all the pictures from Iraq and Afghanistan with everyone in their full gear and sunglasses with weapons ready, all while at a tribal meeting.

This gets me hot. This is the uniform they should be wearing when they meet with locals in their offices or homes.

That is me reclining, waiting for the meeting to start. This was one of the last meetings we had with the chief and it was kind of sad to leave. I wonder how my terp is doing (the guy to my right.)?

Oh, and here is what a orphanage give away should look like. My SFC and My CPT having the best day of the deployment at this girl orphanage.

That is the way it should look like. Not this:

10 February 2009

late night musings

So, here I sit late (for me) at night hopping around the net reading about the direction our country is heading. From Newsweek calling us Socialists, to my fellow officer trying to convince me that it is the government's job to rescue every business that fails in this country.

When did we get this bad? Why can we not stop this? I fight this fight every time I talk about congress and the elite class they are becoming. I talk till I am blue in the face and the people that get more money back from the government then they pay are happy with the system.


I ran into this blog post from a man calling himself the Existing Thing. The young man likes Heinlein and knives and guns, and is fighting the great civil rights fight in the heart of the beast, California. And he can write with a passion that is great and vociferous. His post answers my question in a weird sort of way...at least the how we got to our present predicament...

The Golem Turns

There was a time when we, the people, needed big things done for our country. We needed something to keep us safe, to do our heavy lifting, and to manage the things we hadn't time to manage.

We created for ourselves a Government.
We created for ourselves a Golem.

A Golem with more power than any one of us, to do our bidding, and work when we couldn't work, and protect us as we slept.