24 April 2007

Sudden photography

In early 2001, I was stationed at Fort Lee, Virginia. I was out drinking one night with my army buds when I decided to make a run up to DC to take some photographs. Now realize I was slightly um... impaired when I decided this, and so I went home at 11 at night, and when the alarm went off at 3 am, my body did not respond quickly. But, I did get up and make the two hour trek to DC on a weekend to take some pictures and meet with some buddies up there.

I arrived about 530 am in DC, not a soul on the road or on the mall. I sat in the Lincoln Memorial for about 30 minutes waiting for the sun to come up, and watching the local wildlife searching for food amongst the trash left over from yesterday. When it did come up, I was astonished by the color and feeling that the sun coming over the capital evoked. My chest swelled, my heart sang and I snapped a few pictures...

This group of three came to the mall about fifteen minutes after the sun rose. They stood in front of the reflecting pool and snapped a few shots. I managed to get them prepping for the shot and I have this shot blown up and hanging on my office wall (when I have an office that is).
If you can go and look on the Lincoln Memorial early in the morning, it was a quasi-religious experience, and one that actually strengthened my desire to serve this country. Don't know why, don't fully understand it, but it was breathtaking.

Before the sun rose, the Korean monument was to cast in a bleak light, much like the conflict that still is unresolved to this day. My wife doesn't like this photo, but it was eerie enough that I had to take the shot.

Wandering over to the Jefferson Memorial, I liked the way the sun shone on Mr. Jefferson, but I also reflected that he only sees the sun in the morning...Much like our country, he only saw the beginning. Do you think he would like to see the country now, seeing how far from the liberty he passionately advocated and fought for we have fallen? I read the Declaration of Independence that morning, and it took a much different feel when I had President Jefferson looking over my shoulder...