31 March 2007

I traveled all over Germany, and my camera was never far away. I once took a three day trip, by myself to Prague and Munich and when I returned, I had 16 rolls of film to develop. Snap happy to say the least!

I wanted to post some pictures that I like of the german countryside and villages.

First up is a little town called M├╝nzenberg. It resides at the key spot of the terrain overlooking the fertile valley below. This little town is quiet, off the beaten path, and it has castle ruins. This shot below is from inside the ruins, and was taken by my wife. I like the composition of the picture

This shot was taken of the town looking down from the tower in the first shot. I love the red roofs and the accent against the black and white spire of the local church.

You ever just look around and realize that you have to take a shot, that it is just perfect. That is what we did when we sat down for lunch in Rothenburg, one of the last walled cites of Germany (and one of the biggest tourist traps in the country) We had been walking around all morning and sitting down for lunch we looked up and noticed the sign. And then the spire. And I liked the shot, taking it right from my chair at the table. And yes, it was good beer they served there...:)

Also at Rothenburg ob der Tauber is the Rathaus and a fountain dedicated to St. George, patron saint of Tankers. Well, he slew a dragon too, but I am in the Army, what do you expect? The wife and I took a few pictures of the fountain. I will let you decide which is better, and then I will tell you who took which one.

14 March 2007

A little delay

Work has picked up here a bit, and the posting has slowed down.

I hope to have another post up in a bit, focusing on a few European cities.

Stay tuned....