25 September 2008

These two from Vegas are still living.

Teller, who talks a lot when he is off stage,

And he is damn tall!!

21 September 2008

I don't care

What you say...this is some funny s**t...

Answering the age old question...Yes!!


I like statues. For some strange reason, I like to photograph cemetery angels, military generals, etc.

Here are few I like.

General Grant

Buffalo Soldier Monument
Maybe they are the perfect subjects. Only thing we do is change the lighting. They provide the expressions. Like Jefferson and Lincoln were shot in the morning sun, while the Grant and the Buffalo Soldier were taken at the mid morning sun. Only Lewis was taken with a flash, and I don't like the effect it had. I am going to have to take that one again.

BTW, all these were taken on film, not digital. Old School rocks!

While I was on vacation in Vegas, I met a lot of famous people and had the opportunity to interact with them during some of their performances. For instance:

Taking on Shaq

Posing with the Duke

Playing for Liberace,
Lining up with Arnold and Tiger

But my favorite Vegas Icon,

The Killer Rabbit from Spamalot

He was great and he only nibbled a bit...:)


06 September 2008

Okay, some pictures

Well, about time I post some pictures from Afghanistan.

These first few are on our first trip out of the wire in March of '07 in the mountain pass between Kabul and Jalalabad.

As every soldier knows, there is plenty of down time during the deployments, and here is one example of a friendly card game of officers versus non-comms. who do you think won? (hint: wasn't the officers...)

More later...gotta find the rest on digits.


Look what I found...

From a crazy blogger that I love to read...

You have GOT to love the internet and the crazy shit you find on it...like this that looks like a certain general in the Army I served under in Germany.

And he really did talk like that. One of his favorite expressions was "happy as a gay midget in a wiener factory." Hope I get to see him again before he retires.