22 February 2009

The way we fight

I have been noticing all the pictures from Iraq and Afghanistan with everyone in their full gear and sunglasses with weapons ready, all while at a tribal meeting.

This gets me hot. This is the uniform they should be wearing when they meet with locals in their offices or homes.

That is me reclining, waiting for the meeting to start. This was one of the last meetings we had with the chief and it was kind of sad to leave. I wonder how my terp is doing (the guy to my right.)?

Oh, and here is what a orphanage give away should look like. My SFC and My CPT having the best day of the deployment at this girl orphanage.

That is the way it should look like. Not this:

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Heli gunner Tom said...

I worked with Big Red One a lot when I served in Vietnam as a helicopter door gunner: 68-70. I was with the 240th AHC at BearCat on my 2nd tour. I write a Christian based Journal that also helps other disabled combat Vets 'swim with the sharks' -- the corrupt VA system that continues to screw the Vets. I wonder if there will even be a VA when YOU need it.
Keep up the good work!
I fully support and admire our troops!

Tom Schuckman