23 February 2007

There is a lot to be said about photographing nature. They are easy subjects, always taking directions well, and they don’t need to be paid. That being said, I found some of my best subjects in Kansas. The fields were ripe with flowers and small creepy crawlies and the colors were bold and striking against the sky, ground and green vegetation.

Take for instance these pictures I took one time coming home from work at Fort Riley. It was along a tank trail and the flowers were in bloom. The sun was out and the bees were flying around my head.

Then there was the time I went on top of a hill and took some pictures of plants and bugs. I really just wanted to get out and enjoy the cool clear day and the pictures do show the crisp light of the Kansas sun.

This one I am really proud of the way it turned out. I was walking on a trail when I looked up and noticed the sunflower. Then, I noticed the tree. The symmetry leapt out at me, and I snapped the picture. I was lucky.

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